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Jason & The Arguments Alien Autopsy - Destination Paranoid ZX Spectrum Orchestra Supine Orchestra - Oil On Beaverboard Mike-In-Mono - Mashed Up/Pogo
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Supine Orchestra

Supine's to digitally re-relaese Mumble, Stumble, Talk...

The Supine's debut LP 'Stumble, Mumbe, Talk...' is set for digital re-release on Half Eaten in the near future. Musical gems such as Rodriguez & Me and My Favourite Rock'N'Roll Death are just a couple of the 11 original tracks set for a fresh airing after almost a leap year.

Supine Orchestra online

Jason and The Arguments

Nuggets of genius by Jason & The Arguments

After a long, long wait which nobody seems to know what we were waiting for, Jason & The Arguments will finally be making their ep available for download. Electric Blue and The Air will be taking pride of place here but expect some other beauties too.

Alien Autopsy

Alien Autopsy split up

Alien Autopsy announced their split some time ago but would like to re-iterate that the split was permanent. After some 7 years of existence and several line up changes, the band decided to call it a day.

Alien Autopsy - Bring Me The Head Of T.T. D. Leonard - Soldier 100% Rabbit - Hopless Grapefruits Floach - Sticky Glue To Shake Off Your Shoe Floach - Flatty Gummy